The intervention included a biomechanical analysis of performance as a baseline. Regarding the deficits and natural movements of the musicians' bodies, specific exercises utilizing movements and mental imaginery were created for individual patients. 

Those exercises induced neuroplastic change that allowed gradual motor control recovery.

Following our training protocol, it is possible to obtain greater improvements in coordination in a shorter period of time.

“For two and a half years now I have suffered debilitating problems in my
right shoulder, arm and hand. After seeking treatment from various sources
and trying numerous therapies I was still unsuccessful in my efforts to
alleviate my troubles.
 Eventually I found out about Dr. Farias and his unique method of working with people with focal dystonia and other repetitive motion disorders. 
It has been a little over a month since my sessions with him and already I can do things that have been almost impossible for over a year. 
Although I still have more work to do I am optimistic for the first time in a long time that I am on the road to recovery. 
He brings a special set of skills to the process in that he understands the neurological basis of these problems as well as being a professional musician. 
There is no other person to my knowledge that can bring this much knowledge to the table to help instrumentalists.
 I recommend working with him to anyone with these sorts of issues or to anyone who simply wants to avoid them in the first place.”
David Peck
Principal Clarinet
Houston Symphony Orchestra

"In our sessions, Dr. Farias showed a deep understanding of how the body and mind can work together to play in a free and musical way. He was very perceptive about my playing, and he introduced the concepts I needed to apply to overcome FD.

With his guidance, I saw significant improvement in a few days. I felt for myself that it was possible to play freely, and this was the foundation for the recovery I am experiencing now.

One year after my sessions with Dr Farias, I can look back and see how steady my progress has been. I am playing normally now, and as a bonus, I find his approach continues to be helpful in tackling the normal challenges of playing.

I am most grateful for his help. "

Dominique Laplante
National Ballet of Canada Orchestra (Pr. 2nd violin)
Canadian Opera Company Orchestra

"Dr.Farias is truly a great, great resource for musicians like myself who have struggled with the seemingly intractable challenge of Focal Dystonia.  In my case, a 12 year nightmare.

You know, I had my doubts, going into my sessions, that there was more to understand than I already knew about the problem.  How quickly my misconceptions evaporated in the face of his calm, professional and irrefutable coachings!

Now I see that there were three important areas of insight that he opened up for me.

First, was the understanding of the true nature of FD, and of the psychological handicap that accompanies buying into the current, most popular theories about the condition.

Second, was an appreciation of the step by step process, the 'peeling back of the layers', needed to get back to the source of the original cognitive event. And third, was the arrival at specific exercises and routines which will most efficiently reverse my particular manifestation of 'dystonic thinking.'

In short, Joaquín has given me, and my career, nothing short of a new lease on life.

And for this I will be eternally grateful.

With great admiration and respect"

Clayton Haslop


Avatar, Matrix and Titanic Concertmaster